Key Features


Automatically send email & SMS text review invites to your paying customers without lifting a finger.

Convenient Monitoring

Easily view and manage your online reputation from all your review platforms in one central hub.

Reporting & Analytics

Track and measure your performance to see how you can increase your efforts or strategy.

Improve Local SEO

More reviews & better consistency helps you follow Google’s Best Practices & grow your ranking.

Get More Reviews . Save More Time.

Everything our reputation management software does is designed to make reputation management for your business easier and more efficient. Get more reviews on the platforms that matter to you and make it easy for you and your customers to do so.

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Turn On Autopilot w/Automated Tools & Processes.

Easy plug and play implementation. Revue connects your Stripe, Quickbooks, Google Business Page & more to SMS for a frictionless experience for you and your customers.

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Our Integrations .

We integrate with many software providers & social platforms to enhance automation and ease of use.

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